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Advanced Solutions for Complex Safety Consulting Challenges

It is common knowledge that safety cannot be taken for granted, but we understand that for some complex projects, achieving an impeccable safety record can become stressful and complicated. To help you, we have developed an integrated safety program including process safety management and safety risk analysis that will allow your facility to operate with the mandatory level of control and caution.

Additionally, we have incomparable ISNetworld expertise to guarantee your insurance certifications and safety trainings are properly administrated and managed to simplify documentation access and streamline all audit processes.

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Process Safety Management (PSM) & Risk Management Plan (RMP)

40 CFR Part 68 | 29 CFR 1910.119 | Section 112(r) | PSM | RMP Program Level 1, 2, & 3 | RMP*Submit | General Duty Clause

A successful process safety management program consists of outlining operational procedures, managing safety project schedules, performing dynamic training sessions and frequently revising site’s safety documentation. Our mindset is not only to manage the entire safety program but to become an active member of your project team.

ADVM2 Air Permitting Expertise

We keep track of progress by using our unique compliance management system that contains all regulations and tasks descriptions, and we elaborate and update record keeping and checklist forms to ensure 100% compliance with all applicable OSHA requirements. We develop programs from scratch including writing the administrative program that governs PSM/RMP as well as writing all required operating and maintenance procedures.

Blend of Operations and Safety Consulting

We work with consultants who have plant operating experience who have held key positions in operations and maintenance departments.  We find that understanding the technology, equipment, and rationale behind the engineering decision making process of the client, we can provide clarity to the air permitting process like no other safety consultant can.  We understand your outage cycles, pro forma commitments, an unique choices for technology.  Let us communicate your technology to the agency for your next process safety management project.

We Understand the Cost of Compliance

We develop a process safety management and regulatory applicability profile and checklist for each PSM project to ensure all compliance issues are resolved prior to start up.  This approach has helped us save our clients thousands of dollars in consulting fees and reduced lead time of implementing a successful PSM allowing you to start up on time.

Use ADVM2 For Your PSM and/or RMP Project

Contact us today to get started.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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ISNetworld Maintenance and Site Auditing

40 CFR Part 68 | 29 CFR 1910.119 | Section 112(r) | PSM | RMP Program Level 1, 2, & 3 | RMP*Submit | General Duty Clause

Having a well-managed ISNetworld account will increase your credibility and will consequently increase your profitability, but it is important to highlight that it takes time, dedication and knowledge to utilize this tool appropriately.

Why use ADVM2 for ISNetworld Maintenance?

Our experts can help you make the most out of it by working with you to retrieve all the necessary information to successfully set up your ISNetworld profile. They will keep track of your employees’ OSHA training hours and citations, complete questionnaires as necessary, develop compliance guidelines and requirements, manage insurance and contractor documentation, and update personnel contact information to ensure your ISNetworld is always perfectly organized and updated.

Use ADVM2 to Safety Audit Your Sites Against ISNetworld Compliance

Don’t be caught off guard when your vendors are asking for proof of compliance at the site level! Maintaining an “A” rating in ISNetworld is just one part of the equation. You must follow what you say you are doing in ISNetworld at the site level and we will periodically audit you site compliance to ensure you have minimized exposure if a safety incident were to occur. Our experts will confirm your current insurance certification and documentation is properly saved and will ensure your information matches all the corresponding reviewer parameters to guarantee the highest grade in each and every audit.

Use ADVM2 For Maintaining you in Compliance with ISNetworld

Contact us today to get started.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Get in Compliance

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